Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 8

I've come to realize that this book has a continuous theme of sexuality and love.  But what is love, to some it can mean everything and to others it can be meaningless.  People like Shannon, our narrator, want to believe they are in love because there is nothing else.  She was convinced she was in love with Manus.  While he was trying on his speedos everyday, getting smaller and smaller she was convinced this was the guy she was in love with.  He didn't seem to care to much for her but she thought that this is how relationships were supposed to be.  It's really sad that some one will settle for somebody they are skeptical about.  If you "think" you are in love with some one you are probably not, you have to know that shit.  

After Shannon goes through this god awful relationship, she gets double crossed by Manus and her "best friend" Evie.  After the cheating and the gun shot incident that changed the whole book, and Shannon's whole perception of life and love, we are left with a lonely narrator.  She doesn't know who to love and she doesn't know who to hate.  Does she hate Evie, Manus, Brandy, her brother?  It seems like Shannon may be confused about her sexuality herself.  It seems like everyday Brandy is convincing her to be something or some one she's not.  It seems like Shannon is fairly interested in gender alteration surgery (Not sure about terminology).  Maybe Shannon is truly in love with Brandy, it seems like she is highly interested in her.  I hope in the next couple of chapters Shannon finds the answers she is looking for, who to love and who to hate.  I also hope that she will find something meaningful in her life rather than stealing things and doing drugs.   

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